Monogramming women: The monogram should include her first, middle, and last name initials. If the person had 4 names, often the two middle names are represented by 1 letter. If using three initials, the monogram traditionally uses all three names (i.e., first, middle and last names). For a single name monogram, it would read as first name initial, last name initial, middle/maiden name initial. Always give the seller the full name, and the way you’d like it laid out. In this style, Kate Voegele is monogrammed as V. Married Women: When making a monogram for a married woman it’s always important to know exactly how she wants it done. Write the first letter of the last name of the second partner in a large font so the left edge of the letter is just right-of-center. In that case, she would traditionally make her given last name her new middle name, and take the husband’s last name in place of her own. In this arrangement, the married couple’s last name initials should be larger than the other initials. If the newlyweds decide to share a hyphenated last name, a hyphen could also used in the monogram. Thanks for your help! My first initial is A, and my last two initials are L-K, so my initials read as ALK. i.e. Does your wife want to keep her maiden name? They can do whatever they want, but they're still wrong in my book. As a matter of fact, you can add as many monograms as you'd like, as long as they fit on your bag. Step #6: Find more Ideas. 1. If you’re not so sure, follow the rules below to make a perfect monogram. You don’t want to come off as offensive because of the choice of initials. Yes, it’s possible to monogram 4 words, although you might want to get creative to ensure your monogram doesn’t sound too wordy. To create one that has flourishes and looks ornate, regular fonts just don't cut it.You need fancy text. A. How to Design Your Own Monogram Online To get started, just find a font you love in Design Space, or download one from a font website. We can manually make it for 2 or 3 letters, but overall, we think it does look best as a single letter monogram. The second one I covered with a decorative paper napkin. For example, my name is Abby and my husband is Donnie, so our monogram is A L D. 8. Depending on the font used and how the monogram is presented, different business monogram could hold a different message. When you say two last names (no hyphen) I think you might mean the situation where the woman has added her maiden name to become a second middle name--this is what I did and it's becoming more common. The last-name initial is typically the largest, center letter, and it is surrounded on either side with the first- and middle-name initials. For this type of monogram, sometimes called a "block" monogram, all the letters are the same size and are usually a blocky, straight font. These free monogram makers will help you make a monogram for yourself or for you and your partner in just a few minute's time. Learn how to use Cricut Design Space to slice a little to create a monogram! I put my first initial as the large center letter in my monogram ‍♀️ . They're easy and quick to use, and you'll end up with a quality monogram you can use over and over again. Monograms have etiquette, and if you’re going to get it done, it’s best you do it right. This style is done with the person’s first name initial and is mostly popular amongst unmarried women. If you have any questions about your version – Google it – “How to fill a text box in Microsoft Word 2012” or whatever it is you are trying to find out.