Link to page. Overall the class works to make for a less vulnerable caster. I also made a shortcut of the file to a different folder of my own in Drive, don't know if that's related. It seems to be where homebrewery is fetching it from as well, since it breaks if I move it. 50. This includes class levels in which a subclass has granted you earthlacing. Prestige classes offer the ability to enhance one’s lacing, leading to new and exciting powers not possible through normal lacing. You must have at least 5 character levels in classes that grant earthlacing. A subreddit for D&D 5e homebrew. Table of Contents I turned the class into a full caster rather than try and fit the class into the half-caster template or create a 2/3 caster template. Necromancers serve as an alternative to the wizard class, as such they serve much the same purpose once they get going. 162k members in the UnearthedArcana community. The Homebrewery will now only load the viewable pages, and any page with