Appearance: small clusters of bright red berries. What they all share is a deep purple, almost black color and an equally deep flavor. Most common types of edible berries are given in the following list: Açaí Berries. Luckily you can easily grow your own fruit. Fresh berries are quite expensive to buy because there's only a short period between harvest and decline. Barberry. When we talk about berries we usually imagine small and pulpy fruits. Many different berries fall into the category of blackberries, like Marionberries named after Marion County in Oregon, which are perhaps the best known. Acai Berry. Blackberry (unripe) Blackcurrant. Here in Kent the species we come across most frequently is probably dog rose (Rosa canina).. Rosehips contain high quantities of Vitamin C, indeed during the 2nd World War people were encouraged to scour the hedgerows and collect them up. Bitter, rich and mildly sweet, it’s an antioxidant powerhouse. Bramble (Blackberry) Rubus fruticosus agg. Plants identification with berries. More on those in a minute. We hope to provide additional information on the extent to which different plants are used by particular bird species. Bittersweet. They can be found across the British Isles and are often found in hedgerows. Rosehips. Value to wildlife: the berries are a vital source of food for birds in winter. Açaí berries grow on açaí palm trees. Black Nightshade. The following berry-producing plants have been associated with seed dispersal by birds within the ornithological literature. Traditionally used in Chinese medicine, this vitamin-rich fruit has become increasingly popular in the West. Great source of protein. with the Merton Thornless. Blackberry. Small mammals like wood mice and dormice also enjoy them. Arbutus unedo. Shari's Berries May 31, 2017 . Berry is a fruit produced… Contain minerals such as copper, selenium and iron. First are the Eurasian berries: tiny, translucent, super-tart green, rosy, or red berries reminiscent of currants. Things get a little confusing here: there are two completely different berries called gooseberries. Extremely high in Vitamin A and vitamin B2. The Merton and N.Early types are very firm and good for juicing as well as general purposes as they seem to hold up well in any condition. This previously little-known fruit is enjoying its time in the spotlight thanks to the popular acai bowl. Goji berries are small red berries that are often used in teas, blended into smoothies or eaten in their dried form. The mistle thrush is known for vigorously guarding the berries to stop other birds eating them! When: November to February. Where: gardens, parks, scrub, hedgerows and woods, especially oak and beech woods. Açaí berry is a small, round, dark black-purple drupe about 25 mm (1 inch) in diameter, very similar in appearance to grapes. Found on low-growing, thorny briars which twine aggressively through hedges, woodland and gardens. For the UK I would definitely recommend N.Bigandearly (white druplets on a few berries due to sun scorching!) Berberis julianae. Asparagus Fern. And the blackberry Chester plant, if you have the space to grow it! But there's also Physalis peruviana, sometimes called Cape Gooseberry, which is a South American fruit. Berry fruits can also be found in the fruit & vegetables section. These are the red berries found on wild roses. In this section you will find pictures of edible and poisonous berries. The scientific usage is a little bit different. 20 Types of Berries and Ways to Use Them. The familiar blackberry fruit, ingredient in so many pies. guide to berries A quick A-Z guide to identifying common berries for the BTO Winter Thrushes Survey. Johner Images/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images.